Photography plays a key role in shaping our collective understanding of many of the growing and serious global problems we face. The sight of icebergs dissolving in front of our eyes into the sea, for instance, has a forceful impact on our readiness to accept climate change.

Without trivializing the importance of documenting these challenges, this contest aims to heighten the visibility of hopeful and life-affirming stories. Awe-inspiring developments in science and art, forward thinking actions taken by societies, organizations and individuals in response to challenges – there is no shortage of stories waiting to be told.

Our jurors, Phillip S. Block, Ed Kashi, and – soon to be announced – a highly respected professional in the world of photography, look to single out submissions that are engaged and engaging – story telling that goes beyond an individual’s autobiographical self and potentially resonate with a larger audience. We welcome all genres of photography. Winning entries will address a wide range of subject matters and methods of artistic expression, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of participants.


JGS Quarterly Photograohy Contest

Joy of Giving Something, Inc. (JGS) established in 2009 an ongoing juried international photography contest that encourages artists eighteen years and older to submit their own new work. Please make sure your three selected images have not already been published and relate to one another, adding up to a larger story. Next deadline: December 31, 2015

• Quarterly winners receive $1,000 and their work will be featured in a solo exhibit.
• Annual winners will receive the JGS Artist Award in the amount of $5,000
• All entries must exemplify a “forward thinking” frame of mind (see left) and include a brief artist statement. (Please talk a bit about your work in your own words).
• Previous winners may not participate again, but runners-up are encouraged to submit to future quarters of the contest.