sierra Leone: A Crisis of Water Contamination and Infant Mortality

A community with houses looking like giant mushrooms, where small people from all over the Philippines could make a living and escape discrimination with the help of employment in the field of tourism – that is the dream of Perry Berry, president of the Little People Association of the Philippines (LPAP), who has worked since the late eighties to make the idea come true. Dwarves want to show to society that even if they are small, they can do something big.

There is at least one dwarf city in the world, in the Chinese province of Yunnan, where the more than 100 inhabitants measure less than 130 centimeters. The difference is that someone else manages it. Perry and the 46 members of the Little People Association envision to be their own masters and to own their place. They are tired of living in a world that seems to ignore their problems. The goal is to create a life of dignity, where work other than performing in demeaning circus shows is available, a life where everything is made according to their size.

Most of the little people in the Philippines are living in Manila, a huge city with around 15 million souls, where competition to find a decent job is intense. A fast growing economy seems to leave behind the Filipino hospitality and the slow pace of the tropics. In a place where even using the public transportation is a major challenge, chances of getting a good job are few.

–Eric San Juan


Biel Calderón (b. 1983, Mallorca)
Studied political science in Madrid, graduated MA in Asian and Pacific studies (Barcelona). Finally, in 2008 he graduated MA in photojournalism and became a photographer. Recently he has been exploring Multimedia Journalism (MA International Multimedia Journalism, 2012, Beijing) alongside his photography in order to test new ways of storytelling. Currently based in Bangkok.

Eric San Juan (b. 1980) holds a degree in journalism by the University Navarra, Spain. After spending a year in Saigon, he has been living in Manila since 2009, where he works as a correspondent for Efe News Agency. Currently based in Ho Chi Minh.