neil ever osborne

Neil Ever Osborne  blends his backgrounds in science and visual communication to bridge gaps between people whose conservation goals are best met through collaboration. He does this through photography, multimedia and visual communication strategies, while pursuing academic endeavours as a teacher and student of the emerging discipline of conservation photography. Osborne is an associate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP). His photographic work is commissioned by international magazines and environmental organizations.

Neil Ever Osborne | Faces of Chelonia

Across the globe, sea turtles face a number of human-induced threats – including fisheries bycatch, coastal development, direct harvesting, pollution and climate change – that are adversely affecting their health and persistence. Using conservation photography practices, Faces of Chelonia (FOC) educates the public about the plight of sea turtles while advocating for initiatives to safeguard them.

Collaborating with Conservation International’s State of the World’s Sea Turtles (SWOT) team and a host of international conservation partners working on the ground, FOC documents the ecology of the seven species of sea turtles while focusing in on specific locations around the world to address the threats facing these species, and the people behind conservation efforts.

FOC aims to foster a growing network of concerned people who connect through photography and storytelling to influence conservation outcomes. This is an on-going body of work.

– Neil Ever Osborne